How to Successfully Build and Promote Your Online (E-commerce) Store for Business

This workshop is for you if you are serious about launching or maintaining your online store. We will help you set-up your store, customize your theme, configure your shipping rates, add products, process orders and more! You will leave this online workshop with the knowledge you need to make your Shopify store a success! The information covered in this training takes your store from just an idea to a successful launch. We don’t just cover adding products, we equip you with the tools needed to fully build your store and promote it online.

Online LIVE via ZOOM
2 Weeks / Over 3 Saturdays
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About the bootcamp

▶️ The Basics

  • Introduction about Team
  • What is Shopify/Wo-Commerce?
  • A Basic Understanding of Hosting Platforms
  • Understanding Who Benefits Most from Shopify/Wo-Commerce
  • Who uses Shopify/Wo-Commerce/Big-Commerce
  • Setting Up Your E-Commerce Store / Account
  • An Overview of the Store Admin Area
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Products
  • Finding Images for Your E-Commerce Store
  • Best Practices for E-Commerce Store Products or Service Images
  • Creating and Adding Pages
  • Creating and Adding a Blog to E-Commerce Store
  • Creating and Adding Blog Posts to E-Commerce Store
▶️ Marketing  Your E-Commerce Store
  • Understanding On-Page SEO
  • Sales Channels
  • Email Marketing 101
  • Intro to Facebook Advertising
  • Through Instagram Advertising
  • Marketing Strategies to Acquire
  • Strategies to Maintain Customers
  • How to Build a Social Following
▶️ Customizing Your E-Commerce Store / Website
  • Adding Content to Pages
  • Most Commonly Added Store Pages
  • Creating Menus
  • Choosing a Theme
  • Customizing Your Theme
  • Customizing Your Shipping
  • Integrating with Amazon FBA
  • Integrating with Printful
  • Setting up Payments
  • Collecting Taxes
  • Recommended Apps
  • Working with Apps
  • Google Analytics
  • Setting up your domain and email
  • Launching Your Store

▶️ Managing Your E-Commerce Store
  • Managing Inventory and Inventory Transfers
  • Managing Orders
  • Fraud and Risk
  • Gift Cards
  • Discount Codes
  • Understanding Analytics
  • Adding Users
  • Point of Sales